“I am a brilliant phompha-player out the lost bay grove’





In this world there is at least one living creature whose name is Dénes Kiss, who was born on 13th August, 1967 AD in a settlement called Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, Central-Europe. His personality can be described as colorful or interesting in this extreme world. His life was more hectic than an ordinary life but do not envy this. He is as ’asleep’ as everybody else is in this world on this planet.

In this magicless world he lives an ordinary life of a ’mugli’. His immortal spirit smiles at the peccadilloes of the children’s, however, he cannot express his feelings since the key is hereby. Dénes Kiss is not able to open the gate of his heart. He is afraid of death that is certainty for him. The suppressed fear makes him live an intensive life, his busy mind cannot ease, he grabs every moment, continuity and variety create the image of freedom in himself. He is neither confident nor satisfied at all. He has been aware of the fact that it is not correct for a long time. He has been searching the way, but without faith the aim that is to open the gate is impossible. DANA PUHOSH is the creature of an earth-bound ego that cannot destroy himself. In fact, it is a separated part of the personality, it is the mediator between the consciousness bound to my body and the spirit belonging to my soul. DANA PUHOSH does not use any phenomena, therefore, it does not think or speak. It does not belong to anybody or anything, it does not have any feeling, desire, fear or will. It gets the energy from inside, understands the word of my spirit; it creates by using the knowledge and ability of my personality at the mercy of the eccentric, weakness and limits of Dénes Kiss.

DANA PUHOSH paints pictures.